Dressage Training through Trust and Partnership with Professional Mette Larsen

Wellington, FL (May 21, 2015)— Mette Larsen has recently moved to professional status in the sport of dressage. After finding success in the amateur arena and being the owner and founder of the popular equestrian company Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery, sharing her passion for training horses is the perfect next step. Larsen has enjoyed great achievements on several horses she has purchased as three-year-olds and trained herself. The most notable, Ulivi, is a gelding she purchased with twenty rides on him, has shown up through Intermediare-1, and is currently training Grand Prix. The pair has earned multiple local and national titles over the years, including being the National KWPN-NA Adult Amateur PSG and Intermediare-1 Champion.

When it comes to the equestrian industry, Larsen has gained just as much knowledge out of the saddle as she has in it. Her company, Metlar Premium Performance Saddlery is the North American distributor of multiple top quality brands, including Neue Schule Bits, Photonic Lasers, Tail RX hair care restoration products, Kathy Connelly Performance Products, and Metlar luxury bridles and belts. This line of products has helped her develop an extraordinary in-depth understanding of horses and what they need.

Larsen became involved with Neue Schule because it is a company that designs bits using scientific research and development, and believes that horse welfare comes first. As Larsen has advanced her study of equine physiology and how bit technology impacts riding, her knowledge of what really happens when we pick up the reins has deepened. “It has made me even more focused on how I want to develop horses through trust and partnership,” says Larsen.

“It is a natural progression for me to go back to teaching and training,” she adds. “By working closely with horses, trainers, and riders, discussing better bitting options, and seeing how increased knowledge has helped both horses and riders, I have been reconnected with how much I love training and developing horses.”

For Larsen, training horses is the heart of her dedication to the industry. “Training is what makes me feel fulfilled and it is when I am happiest. I feel drawn back to training after all these years and I am very excited to be here.”

Those key elements, trust and partnership, have become the cornerstones of Larsen’s training philosophy. “What I have found over the years is that I can successfully train happy performance horses when doing it from a foundation of partnership and relationship,” she explains. “I want each horse to be a part of the process. I want them to understand their jobs and what I am asking, and to leave training sessions having learned something and wanting to come back and learn more.”

To create trust and partnership, Larsen focuses on four dimensions of development: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. In Larsen’s eyes, those are the key ingredients to equine development and top performance. “These are not new, just overlooked at times,” Larsen says. “Each dimension plays a role in becoming a better athlete, performer, coach, trainer, student, and owner. They are as important in my training of the horse as they are in my own development as a better athlete, coach, and trainer.” Larsen focuses on each of these aspects in order to help her horses reach their maximum potential of happiness and performance. When each area is successfully addressed, the horse is physically fit, is able to have fun and feel safe emotionally, is connected and calm so as to mentally understand their job, and the result naturally becomes the ultimate partnership with your horse.

Larsen will be offering her professional training services in New York and Florida through Metlar Dressage. She is excited to help horses and riders benefit through her efforts. “I love horses down to my soul. It is my mission in life to transform how horses are trained by training them through trust and partnership. I want to make this world a better place for them and the best way for me to do that is to get back in the game, share my knowledge and experience, and teach others how to develop their performance horses through trust and partnership.”

For more information about professional rider and trainer Mette Larsen, call 516-695-1731 or email mette@metlardressage.com.


Photo: Mette Larsen is now offering her professional dressage training services through Metlar Dressage (Photo courtesy of Susan J. Stickle)
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Dressage Training through Trust and Partnership with Professional Mette Larsen

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